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MAIB - Migration Audio Interface Box pei tel

Integrator systemów radiowych

MAIB - Migration Audio Interface Box

Migration made easy

The Migration Audio Interface Box (MAIB), when installed in the service vehicle, allows to control up to three analogue and digital radio devices with just one audio accessory, for example a handset. This solution saves space inside the vehicle and optimises operability during the assignment.

  • Connecting digital and analogue radios of different build and manufacturers made easy
  • Operation of all connected radios with only one audio and control accessory
  • Radios retain their familiar user interfaces


Audio and control accessory

Up to three analogue and digital radios can be spoken into and operated with the audio and control accessory which is connected to the Migration Audio Interface Box by Plug & Play.

Our range of accessories offers both a handset and a hand microphone with three buttons each as an audio and control accessory.

  • Simple plug&play connection for audio and control accessories
  • Handset HA26 with three buttons
  • Hand microphone ME110 with three buttons
  • The connected audio and control accessory is recognised automatically


Hands-free mode

The optional hands-free function of the Migration Audio Interface Box can be used parallel to the audio and control accessory. This option allows the service personnel to concentrate on the traffic situation the whole time. This increases safety on assignments and enables constant communication between the control center and the service team.

  • Optional hands-free function by external hands-free microphone and additional loudspeakers
  • Your hands never leave the steering wheel during the assignment
  • Uninterrupted communication with the exchange or control center


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